Junto Identity Credential and Access Management

Establishing a Foundation for Zero Trust

Junto Identity is at the forefront of Identity Credential and Access Management solutions, leveraging the foundation of cybersecurity frameworks with strong Zero Trust principles to bring you unparalleled security and efficiency. Our decentralized data processing technology allows for faster, more accurate decision-making, all while enhancing the security of your network.

Junto Identity Enterprise - Federal & Corporate Identity Credential and Access Management.

The All-in-One Solution for Federal and Corporate Clients

  • Accelerate Zero Trust Implementation:
    Achieve your security goals faster and more effectively.
  • Harmonize Identity Data:
    Unify various sources of identity data for enhanced security.
  • Future Proof:
    Advanced capabilities that meet today's needs and tomorrow's advancements.
Junto Identity Edge - Edge Capabilities and Remote DDIL Identity Credential and Access Management.

Designed for Edge Capabilities and Remote DDIL Environments

  • DDIL-Ready:
    Meet the requirements of Denied, Disrupted, Intermittent, and Limited Bandwidth regulations.
  • Enhance DDIL Environments:
    Enable Forward Operating Bases to operate seamlessly in challenging conditions.
  • Partner Nations:
    Manage mission partner identities securely and efficiently.

Junto Identity Use Cases

  • System Authorization Access Request (SAAR) Automation:
    Drastically reduce the time it takes to onboard a new user with our robust and flexible identity governance process.
  • Enhance DDIL Environments:
    Continue to function and operate in DDIL environments with confidence.
  • Onboarding Existing Users:
    Integrate existing enterprise users who have not yet been onboarded at remote satellite locations.
  • Manage Identities:
    Manage identity lifecycles without compromising security.

ICAM at the Edge Demo™ Request

Why Choose Junto?

  • Accelerates a Zero Trust Implementation:
    Junto supports a Zero Trust security model, helping you to achieve your security goals faster and more effectively.
  • Harmonizes Disparate Sources of Identity Data:
    Junto brings together various sources of identity data, providing a unified view of identity and enhancing overall security.
  • Reduces Attack Surface through Automated Application Assignment:
    By using micro-services, Junto reduces attack surfaces and enhances overall security.
  • Capability Today, Compatibility for the Future:
    Junto offers advanced capabilities that meet today's needs while also being compatible with future technological advancements. This ensures a long-term solution that will continue to meet evolving needs.
  • Reduces Technical Uncertainty:
    With Junto, technical uncertainty is minimized, allowing for more confident decision-making, and streamlined operations.
  • No Software Development Required:
    Our solution is plug-and-play, with no software development required, making deployment fast and hassle-free.
  • Faster Deployment, Lower Cost:
    With our micro-services-based approach, Junto can be deployed quickly and efficiently, reducing costs, and minimizing disruption to your operations.
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